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The Hunt Museum

Aoife Slattery Ceramics - 3 Decorations Giftbox

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Hand crafted white earthenware ‘Decorations’ with pastel and contrasting colours of pink, white, light blue, dark blue, dots of orange and just a touch of red.

6cm diameter approx. for each decoration.

Aoife adopts an unusual printing process to create her bold bespoke designs. Using coloured slips, her energetic surfaces are applied to a plaster slab with sponges and paint brushes and then clay is poured on top. Aoife’s forms are then created by hand from these sheets of clay.

Function and playfulness is at the centre of Aoife’s work. To ensure quality, each unique piece is carefully considered and made in small batches.

Each pack has variations due the handmade nature of Aoife's work.