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The Hunt Museum

'Bathers' - Nici Le Gear - Fine Art Print

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Fine art Giclee print of an original painting by Limerick City Artist Nici Le Gear.

3/250 print edition

From the 'Atlantic Embrace' collection

Explaining the inspiration behind the collection, Nici says; “It gives a glimpse of the awe-inspiring beauty of the Atlantic Ocean and the solace it offers when life’s burdens weigh you down. From the invigorating rush of the roaring waves to the peaceful serenity of tranquil beaches, this exhibition invites you to experience the ocean’s therapeutic embrace. In the presence of the Atlantic, your worries become mere grains of sand in the grand scheme of existence. The ocean’s ceaseless roar reminds us of the insignificance of our troubles, filling us with a sense of wonder and humility.”

Nici says the Atlantic is something that Limerick and Clare people can connect with: “This collection resonates with Limerick audiences and wanderers en route to the coast. Especially as we move into winter, our minds can cast back to holidays and breaks away – the coast holds a special place in all our hearts.”

190 x 148 mm