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The Hunt Museum

Decorative ‘Oil Lamp’ Bowl - AJ Ceramics

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This porcelain bowl is based on ancient Oil Lamps from Western Asia, in particular Israel and Egypt. It is wheel-thrown and the interior is sealed with a translucent copper glaze for a glossy green finish. (Not food safe)

AJ is a Limerick-based ceramicist who works predominantly on the potter’s wheel. Their work is informed by their love of traditional craft methods and processes, as well as the sense of community they feel with other craftspeople no matter their chosen medium. Their forms are simple and functional, with an emphasis on glazes that enhance the experience of their pieces without overpowering their chosen clay. Particularly in the case of porcelain, the clay is allowed just as much pride of place as the glaze, the two fundamental ceramic materials working together to create something unique and beautiful.

Each piece is handmade and carefully considered for both presentation and use, and as such can be purely decorative as much as they are functional.

10 cm diameter at widest point, 7cm height approx.