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The Hunt Museum

Decorative Plate - Ann McBride

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Ann McBride is a ceramic Artist, Designer and Illustratoe. Her work is recognizable by the bold colourful illustrations, both whimsical and a little subversive, but always unique. The originality of her work is a reflection of her career in graphic design.

She has transferred her skills in illustration and graphics onto the 3D clay form. She creates visually impactful wall installations and plinth-based slip-cast ceramics. Pushing the boundaries of the ceramic practice she has explored the use of alternative mediums, creating prints and patterned textiles for use as lampshades that fit the decal printed ceramic lamp base.

She has developed her distinctive narrative on ceramic surfaces – drawing from both cultural and literary influences. Using contemporary elements like tattoos to create a narrative, the female form in historical works of art is lifted from the past and subverted to address issues such as feminism. With humour, she alters how women have been historically portrayed and gives them a more assertive demeanour. The artwork evokes emotions that have been drawn from her own life experience. The illustrations translate from 2D to 3D in clay and other materials. Slip-cast porcelain forms, fine bone china, and textiles are her canvas.

Decorative Plate comes in a giftbox

Dimension of plate 27.5 cm diameter