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Spuds and the Crock of Gold - By Séamus Ó Conaill Illustrated by Daniele Archimede

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On such a beautiful day, what could go wrong? Well … for Spuds Potsofgold, two things. As Spuds makes his way back to Toadstool Cottage to polish his crock of gold, the sun is so warm and shiny, he thinks he’ll sit down for a little rest. Before he realises, Spuds is snoring away. When he wakes up hours later, his crock of gold is gone! Arriving home in a panic, Spuds then discovers that his pet mouse, Steve, is shedding his winter coat.

There is mouse fur everywhere, but mostly up Spuds’s nose. Now, Spuds is a pauper and the ongoing sneezing is making him miserable… and very, very grumpy. What can be done about his allergy to Steve? And where has his crock of gold gone? In the end, it is up to his wife, Rose, the singing birds, Bonnie and Tyler, to help Spuds solve the mystery.

A light-hearted, well-written adventure awaits in this, the second book about Spuds the leprechaun. The story is charming and filled with humour as Spuds gets himself into a bit of a state while all around him everyone is cheerful and certain that it will all work out in the end. The book flows with a nice pace and plenty of action and interest. But the real stars of this show are the illustrations! With tons of detail and character, they allow the tale to pop off the page. Lively, entertaining, full of joy; simply a fun read that will make you giggle.