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The Hunt Museum

Vincent Van Gogh jigsaw

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This 1000 piece jigsaw has a high resolution image of 'Still life with meadow flowers and roses' by Vincent Van Gogh printed on it. 

For many years it was disputed whether or not this painting was done by Van Gogh. The size of the painting was unusual, the flowers were considered too excessive and the style of painting was deemed inconsistent with Van Gogh's development. However, x-rays showed two wrestlers painted under the still life and in January 1886, Van Gogh wrote to his brother that he had painted two wrestlers. However, it was still uncertain. 

In 2012, with a new research technique and a team of experts, it was determined that the underlying painting was indeed done by Van Gogh. He painted the flower still life over it later. The painting is held in the Kröller-Müller Museum in the Netherlands.

44 x 68 cm