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The Hunt Museum

Claire Dooley Ceramics - Seascape Teapot

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Thrown in porcelain, the watercolour-type decoration on the surface captures the colour and the mood of an Irish coastal landscape. All of the pieces are hand-decorated by Claire Dooley so that each one is completely unique.

Dimensions: 20cm(height including handle), 11cm height of  body of teapot x 15.5cm diameter of pot -approx.

All of Claire's porcelain pieces are suitable for the dishwasher and microwave, making them suitable for everyday use and wear and tear.


"Working in porcelain clay, I make simple forms that draw inspiration from colours and patterns found in nature. Having grown up alongside the East Coast of Ireland. I am particularly inspired by coastal landscapes. Water corroded iron, pebbles, seashells and driftwood are all sources of inspiration for my work. 

All the pieces are thrown by me in my studio in Co. Meath. I often add locally sourced materials to the work in the form of inclusions within a glaze or slip. Aside from giving textural and tonal qualities, the local materials give the pieces a sense of place, a connection to their environment.

I strive for simplicity in my work. I like my pots to have a tactile quality. For me it is important that the pieces I make are natural and quiet, but also well considered in their form and function."