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The Hunt Museum

Irish Sock Society - Cúpla Focal - Irish Language Socks

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Thit muid i ngrá le hÉirinn and so all things Gaeilge, especially the language.

Languages are like the spine of a culture. The way they are built, defines communication between their users, the energy in the society, and a whole feel of the culture. 

These socks are a smart step forward in your journey with the Irish language. They include a number of Irish words that describe Ireland. There is a fun task on the label. The QR code on the label will bring you to our Scéal Grá - a series of interviews conducted by the Irish Sock Society. They talk with professionals and Irish language enthusiast about the beauty of Gaeilge and how it can be used and embraced in the contemporary word.

Tá sé seo iontach

Sizes 3-7 and 8-12