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The Hunt Museum

Slated - Artisan Tableware

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Established in 2010, SLATED is an Irish family owned and run luxury artisan home-ware brand handmade in Dublin, Ireland. Founded by husband and wife team Ed and Tara Hammond, SLATED create beautiful slate home-ware inspired by tradition.

All pieces are made using artisan techniques and methods, each slate is meticulously handcrafted with a precious family heirloom, a 150 year old Slater’s Knife that has been passed from generation to generation of Hammonds.

Each SLATED piece is completely unique due to the natural integrity of the stone and as slate is an incredibly durable stone formed over millions of years each piece will last for generations.

Serving platter made from Irish Wood and Slate

20cm x 25cm with a height of 12.5 cm approx.