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The Hunt Museum

'The Walls of Inisherin-Wire' - Noreen Ramsey

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Framed porcelain ceramic piece.

Noreen Ramsay is an Irish visual artist who graduated from Limerick School of Art and Design in 2001. She works with porcelain, which may be combined with fired sheets of glass. She works from her studio in Co Clare.
She is concerned with creating a whole from fragments, making meaning out of bits and pieces. She brings focus to details that may go unnoticed and draws attention to the extraordinary in the ordinary. The work is intimate and quiet. It is designed to encourage people to pause and connect.  
She starts by pouring creamy, liquid clay onto a plaster bat.  Then the malleable flat sheets of porcelain are cut, shaped, built, textured, drawn on, stained and fired at high temperature . For clarity and simplicity she limits her colour palette to inky blacks and greys, mixed with dark cobalt on the naked white porcelain, highlighted by splashes of yellow and orchre.
In an increasingly demanding and frenetic world, Noreen’s subtle, serene work offers a focus for quiet contemplation. 

32.5cm x 32 cm